Vacation in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Observatory

On the roof of the My Jerusalem View boutique hotel, is the Jerusalem Observatory, which has huge terraces that constitute a 360-degree vantage point for every corner of Jerusalem.

It is the most beautiful vantage point in the city, from which you can see almost every site in Jerusalem.

To the east are the walls of the Old City, the Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives, French Hill and all the historical sites in the area and even the Jordan Mountains.

To the north are the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Samaria and Ramallah.

To the south is Gush Etzion Har Gilo and all the southern neighborhoods of Gilo, Katamon, Talpiot Baka and more

And to the north the Judean Mountains, the String Bridge Kiryat Hamishla and the Knesset of Israel and the neighborhoods of Beit Hakerem Kiryat Yuval Ramat Sharet Beit Vagan and more.

The sunsets seen from the observatory are beautiful and special, some come to experience the sunrise and according to them, the experience is difficult to describe in words.

As darkness falls, when the city lights up, the place gets a romantic and unique atmosphere.

The observation location in the city center allows you to view all the old neighborhoods in the city center in a clear and sharp way.

The observatory is a special experience for all lovers of photography and for anyone who wants to experience Jerusalem in a special and unique way.